Sensational Sitkum River: An Olympic Peninsula Gem

A special place for anyone who enjoys the flowing nature of a Wild Pacific Northwest River, with canyons, moss, fog, & waterfalls, this river will not disappoint.  Whether you are looking for Class II-V, the Sitkum has it all!


The Sitkum river is located on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula and takes a little time to get to but it is well worth it!  This was my first trip to the Sitkum since I moved to the peninsula two years ago.  Luckily I had veteran Sitkum paddler, Mike Hoover to show me the way, if the Sitkum is in you will find Mike on his way to paddle it!


A journey through 2nd & 3rd growth forests to the beginning of the run, as with many rivers, the Sitkum starts as a meandering creek.


Entering into the canyon, the Sitkum becomes a fun whitewater run with drops, slides, & waterfalls.  WATCH THE JOURNEY!


You will want to be on the lookout for wood and frequent scouting does occur.  Most places are easy to scout and get around if needed but a few require being a bit creative.  Below you will see Hoover gets ready to seal drop after deciding not to run the drop due to low water.


Don’t go left!


Hoover explaining the next drop.


Looking forward to getting back out on the Sitkum soon!


Sensational Sitkum River


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  1. great video Morgan,lovin the blog.Can’t wait to see you next month
    Tim ,lee and Hunter

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